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Happy Tree Friends: CubShoot 3

249 Кб
Играть в эту флэш игру CubShoot Games. This time Flippy uses a basuka to get rid of Cub forever. The game can be controlled as usual with the mouse. As soon as you hit Cub, the rocket can be controlled immediately. By pressing the mouse button, the rocket will rise – when you let the mouse button go it will sink...

Happy Tree Friends: Lumpy Artist

262 Кб
Играть в эту флэш игру In this game Lumpy is an artist funambulating. The aim of the game is to get as far as possible when the weather is good, but also when it is bad. Shortly after the game started a storm will arise and it will start to rain. Waterdrops collecting in the buckets will bring Lumpy out of balance...

Happy Tree Friends: Jumping Nutty

1517 Кб
Играть в эту флэш игру As you know, Nutty loves sweets. In this game you can control Nutty from bird to bird. By jumping on the birds, they will explode and you get their sweets. Aim of the game is to get as high as possible. Use the arrow keys to achieve that.

Happy Tree Friends: Gogo Toothy

158 Кб
Играть в эту флэш игру Gogo Thooty is a small game in which you have to get the fallen Toothy back to the origin as fast as possible. Toothy will climb when you click on his belly. Attention: If you miss, Toothy will fall again! Au!

Happy Tree Friends: Crazy Disco

1308 Кб
Играть в эту флэш игру The Happy Tree Friends characters go to the clubs as well. But this club is nuts! The discoballs are falling from the ceiling and you have to make sure they won’t hit Lifty. Avoid the balls as long as possible and collect as many blinking points as possible. The longer you play the...